December 11, 2023

Cultivating Cultural Understanding

Students sitting around a table crafting dreidels out of paper.
HS Diversity Council member, Ezequiel Gonzales, brings Hanukkah traditions to life at Cherry Creek Elementary! From crafting dreidels to learning game rules and a bit of Hebrew, it's a hands-on lesson in cultural discovery.
Cherry Creek Teachers Collaborate with High School Diversity Council for Global Education Initiative

Dedicated educators Lisa Camfferman (4th grade) and Tara DeRuiter (2nd grade) at Cherry Creek are on a mission to cultivate global and cultural competency in their students. Recently, they collaborated with members of the High School Diversity Council to explore Holidays from around the world.

During the session, students delved into the traditions of Hanukkah, gaining insights into the celebration embraced by millions of Americans each year. Engaging in a hands-on activity, students crafted and assembled dreidels, learned the game's rules, and even picked up a bit of Hebrew along the way.

Beyond this activity, Diversity Council members volunteer their time monthly to collaborate with our students on literacy-related projects. The initiative aligns with the district's monthly celebrations, ranging from Hispanic Awareness Month to Black History Month, fostering a rich tapestry of cultural understanding.

Upcoming activities center around the district's monthly celebrations:

Martin Luther King Jr Day (third Monday of January)

Black History Month (February)

Women’s History Month (March)

Autism Awareness Month (April)

Mental Health Awareness Month (May)

This commitment to global competency and awareness is integral to preparing students for a world that continues to globalize. The High School Diversity Council, led by advisor Sarah Ellis, meets every Wednesday morning and invites any high school student interested to join. Their collective efforts give students the invaluable gift of a broadened worldview.