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About Unity

Since 1994, Unity has met the needs of students who have not been successful in traditional educational programs. Students from 9th - 12th grades are enrolled in the program. The program leads students back into success in the mainstream of education through credit recovery, active learning activities, access to counseling, individualized courses of study, flexible scheduling, lower student/teacher ratios and a supportive classroom atmosphere. The goals of the program include a reduced drop-out rate, an increase in the number of academic credits earned, a decrease in the number of classes failed, a reduction in the number of absences, and increase in grade point averages, and a reduction in behavioral problems. The teachers employed with this program are all very experienced alternative educators who truly care about their students, who are flexible and open-minded and who know how to lead all willing students toward academic success. Classes are designed to challenge each student's abilities while remaining accessible to all. Courses are offered in all areas as required by the Michigan Merit Curriculum, plus elective courses that include college and career preparation.

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