Lowell is an awesome place to live, work, and play.  There are many ways that Lowell residents make a difference in the area where they live by becoming active in our schools, the rotary club, the arts, local charities, or participating in outdoor recreation activities.  Members of the Lowell community are involved in these activities. The variety of activities that happen in Lowell serve as a deep connection that our community members have enjoyed for many years. 

Our community has a sense of history that has been documented at our local museum located on Main Street.  This wonderful historic facility brings to our community many unique opportunities.  Perhaps foremost among these is the ability of our children to learn of our community's heritage and history.  Our school system has been very excited with the opportunity to partner with the museum.  We want to provide educational opportunities for children of all ages that both blend with our curriculum and allow our children "hands-on" experiences.  We believe this is a unique opportunity often not available to youth.  In today's rapidly changing fast paced world, a sense of time and place is very important for youngsters.

New initiatives such as the Lowell Area Trailway Project will provide new connections for our walking, biking, and running enthusiasts.  We are so proud that our small town community is immersed in the arts and has a local arts council that provides a variety of events that not only showcase local artist's work, but also musical entertainment, and theater. 

For more information on our community please visit the External LinkLowell Chamber of Commerce.