TOTS Program - Birth to Beginning School

The Toddlers on Track for School program is for families with children from birth to beginning school age. This program is developed to help families raise healthy children ready to learn when they begin their educational journey into school. TOTS is funded through the Lowell Area Schools and the Lowell Area Community Fund. Programs are offered throughout the school year October - May.

Programs Include:

  • Weekly Playgroups - Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings from 9:30 to 10:30 am Runciman Building 300 High Street Lowell MI 49331
  • Family Nights - Evenings
  • Friday Classes: Art, Educational Gymnastics, and Cooking Classes - Family Participation
  • 'All about Kids' Fall Sale

In the end, It's a good beginning that counts!

Enroll below in TOTS Classes or Playgroups.


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Class times for 2021-2022. Class schedules subject to change.

Classes on Fridays will include:  

Developmental Gymnastics Session 1    Sept. 24 – Oct. 22 2021 $40

FULL  ---- Friday 9:30-10:15 18 months through 3 years
Available ---- Friday 11:00-11:45 4 years to 5 year olds

Developmental Gymnastics Session 2    Oct. 29 – Dec. 3 2021 $40

FULL  ---- Friday 9:30-10:15 18 months through 3 years
FULL  ---- Friday 11:00-11:45 4 years to 5 year olds
No class Nov. 26 

Developmental Gymnastics Session 3    Jan. 28 – Mar. 4 2022 $40 

FULL ---- Friday 9:30-10:15 18 months through 3 years
FULL ---- Friday 11:00-11:45 4 years to 5 year olds
No class Feb. 25 

Kids in the Kitchen    Oct. 29 - Dec. 3 2021 $35

Full  --- Friday 10:00 - 10:45   2.5 to 5 years
Little Chefs in the making
No class Nov. 26

Art Class    Jan. 28 – Mar. 4 2022 $35

Full ---- Friday 10:00 - 10:45   2.5 to 5 years
Everyone is an artist In this class
No class Feb. 25

External LinkClass Registration (COMING SOON) you and your infant, toddler or preschooler looking for a fun and educational morning out?  Come join our playgroup and make new friends on Tuesday or Wednesdays from 9:30 to 10:30 am (subject to change)!  Our playgroups help children to build important social skills and offer parents ways to be connected with the community!  We play, have music and movement, do art, eat snack and hear a short story.  Cost is just $1 per child.  

New sign up system: We are very excited for TOTS playgroups to be back this year, but due to COVID-19 we are limited on space. In order to accommodate all families, you may sign up for one of the two playgroups. 


Only sign up for one playgroup, please, All 4 year olds on up will be required to wear a mask. Playgroups are $1 per child.

To help keep TOTS playgroups open, please stay home if you or your child are not feeling well. Thank you for your understanding with this matter, and I look forward to seeing you soon ~ Mrs. Kathy