Lowell High School

The SAT Test that was scheduled for Saturday, March 14th at Lowell High School has been canceled.

Our school continues to be one of the best performing high schools in the country. Here are just a few things we are very proud of:


  • Ranked in the top 5% of high schools in the nation based on academic achievement
  • Michigan Merit Exam scores ranked Lowell as a top high school in Kent County
  • Earned composite SAT score of 1100 (higher than the national and state average)
  • 83% of graduating seniors enroll in post secondary education
  • Awarded $106,000 to graduating seniors through local and community scholarships and $850,000 granted through colleges and universities for academics and athletics
  • Agri-Science Vocational Education programs offered to students
  • Many outstanding service learning activities are provided
  • World class curriculum provided for all students through trimester scheduling
  • 27 varsity athletic programs offered. Our athletes have been recognized for their hard work on the field and in the classroom.
  • 30 extra-curricular clubs and organizations are offered
  • Received "2007 Innovation Program Award" for Freshmen Center Service Learning Project.

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