Entrance to Murray Lake Elementary

Murray Lake Elementary

Murray Lake Elementary is a school where a high level of student achievement and quality student character are a focus each day.  Although test scores will validate high achievement at Murray Lake, it is the day-to-day emphasis of best practice in the classroom and quality character development that ensures that each child reaches their highest potential. 

At Murray Lake each child is expected to reach his or her highest learning potential.  Teachers are constantly improving their lessons to ensure that all children in their class achieve.  Differentiated instruction is a focus at Murray Lake, which allows teachers to meet the needs of all learners.  Murray Lake students typically score in the top 5% on Michigan's MEAP test.  They also score significantly above average on the Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP), and grow at a greater rate than the average growth of students across the country.  Students are asked to set goals for themselves and work toward the achievement of these goals.