December 12, 2023

Red Arrow Robotics Celebrates Success in the FIRST Tech Challenge Season

The conclusion of the FIRST Tech Challenge season marked a milestone for Red Arrow Robotics as they concluded a commendable second event with their three robots. While none of the teams secured a spot in the state competition, the students's outstanding performance and achievements were noteworthy.

The program has grown significantly in just one year, with all three robots outperforming their predecessors. Beyond the technical effectiveness of the robots, the spotlight shone on the students' exceptional abilities in presenting their engineering portfolios to the judges. All three teams earned high marks for their articulate explanations of the design process and their robots. Team 23599-Red Arrow Robotics White earned 3rd place in the Innovate Award, a testament to their imaginative thinking and inventive design execution.

The Red Arrow Robotics Red Team earned the Promote Award by excelling in creating a compelling video message to reshape cultural perceptions and celebrate STEM fields. This achievement marks the program's first award since the high school team's win in 2017.
The program is undeniably on an upward track with these victories, signaling positive growth. Success wouldn't be possible without the support of parents and staff. Red Arrow Robotics is incredibly thankful for the encouragement and backing propelling the LMS teams and looks forward to an even better season next year.

The Lowell High School Robotics team starts its season on January 6, 2024.