Student Activities

Non-School Sponsored Flyer Procedure

Lowell Area Schools welcomes the opportunity to promote family-friendly, community events to our parents and students that meet a minimum set of criteria. 

In order for a flyer to be placed on this website, the flyer will originate from a non-profit organization or a Lowell business.  A link to this webpage is provided in weekly newsletters.

Paper flyers will not be distributed


  • The flyer must include the following statement:
    “Lowell Area Schools neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this material.  The distribution or display of this material is provided as a community service”
  • The flyer must not appear to bear the authority of the school and must not be primarily commercial in nature.
  • The flyer must contain the name of the sponsoring entity; contact information of the sponsor/organizer and specific information about the date, time and location of the event/camp/activity.
  • The flyer must not interfere with the educational mission of the district.

Steps for Approval:

  1. Submit a PDF to Sonja DeDonado.


There are many community opportunities for students to thrive and grow in addition to what is offered through Lowell Area Schools.  Click any of the links below to read more information on these activities:

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PDF DocumentSoftball Skills Sundays - Grades 6-8 (January-March)
PDF DocumentFree Throw Championship - January 15
PDF DocumentMaple Syrup Days & Pancake Breakfast - March 14
PDF DocumentLowell YMCA - Energize Lowell Events
PDF DocumentLowell YMCA - Winter Waggle 5K - February 1
PDF DocumentWinterfest 2020 - February 1