Cherry Creek Elementary's Early Act Club Spreads Holiday Cheer

students decked out in santa hats and reindeer hats gather around a christmas tree.
Students gather around the FROM Christmas Tree where they delivered 128 gifts for families in need.

In a display of compassion and community spirit indicative of our Red Arrows, the Cherry Creek Elementary's Early Act Club students bring joy to the season by donating 128 toys to the Flat River Outreach Ministries Christmas Distribution Program.

Under the guidance of Cherry Creek Elementary teacher and Early Act Advisor, Joseph Audia, and with the support of the Lowell Rotary Club, these students worked hard to organize a toy drive to positively impact the lives of families in need during the holiday season. The students carefully stacked the unwrapped presents around the tree in the lobby of FROM where Arianne Hall, Director of Development, thanked them for their efforts and told them that many families will have a happy holiday thanks to their hard work.

Their efforts embody the true essence of the season, reminding us that the spirit of giving can make the holidays brighter for our community. Thank you to Amanda Rodgers for her guidance as the Lowell Rotary Liasion, and Arianne Hall for welcoming the students, giving a tour of the facility, and ensuring a seamless distribution process. Together, they have woven a tapestry of goodwill, creating memories and spreading warmth long after the decorations are taken down.