School Closings


There are several ways that parents are able to quickly be notified of a school closure, delay or other emergency situation.  It’s up to the parent how they would like to be notified.


TV Stations - WOOD-TV, WZZM-TV, Fox17.  Text alerts are available as well.


Receive a text alert from Lowell Area Schools

Tornado Watch

  • If students are in school when a tornado watch is issued, they will remain in school until the regular dismissal time.
  • In the event of early morning tornado watches, school may be delayed. 

Tornado Warning

  • If students are in school when a tornado WARNING is issued for our vicinity, they will be escorted to pre-defined areas of safety within each building and remain there until the warning is lifted.
  • It is the policy of Lowell Area Schools to not dismiss students to parents during a tornado WARNING, even if it means holding students beyond the normal dismissal time.  If students are held 30 minutes or longer beyond their normal dismissal time due to a tornado WARNING, elementary students will ride the bus home after the warning is lifted and secondary students will need to be picked up by parents or guardians. 
  •  In the event of early morning tornado warning, school may be delayed. 
  • After-school activities underway when a WARNING is issued will cease and participants and spectators will be instructed to take cover.

Winter Weather

The decision to dismiss early, delay or close the school is based on several factors, including road conditions, weather forecast, temperature, wind chill and timing of a possible weather event.  The Superintendent is responsible for the final decision based on the above factors with input and recommendations from the Director of Transportation and others that help drive the roads early in the morning.  The decision is made typically by 6:00 a.m. (earlier if possible). 

2-Hour Delay

In the event of a delayed opening, all bus routes are delayed 2 hours.  If the roads are not cleared, or the weather event does not proceed as predicted, another decision to close school for the entire day may be made at approximately 8:00 a.m. so it is important for parents to continue to monitor the situation whenever a 2 hour delay is announced.

Early Closing

Every effort is made to keep students in school for the full day once they arrive.  Parents should discuss a plan with their child regarding what the child should do in the event s/he should arrive at home first.

Wind Chill and Heat Index

Members of the Kent County Superintendents Association use a sustained wind chill of -20 degrees or 104 degrees as one consideration for making the decision to close school or have indoor recess.

Buses on “Main Roads” only

When buses will be traveling on "Main Roads" only, it is because the side roads, most often dirt roads, are in a condition that prevents buses from traveling down them. Households not on a "main road" will be notified by the Transportation Department.