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23-24 Instructions:

Students and parents must review all information in the Chromebook Handbook and all policies carefully.  Students are fully responsible for caring and maintaining the device during the duration of the checkout.  Once the information has been reviewed, each family, including a parent/guardian, must complete the Chromebook Agreement Form one time per academic career (either print or online).  Annual insurance must be paid for by September 1st or it will be automatically declined for the school year. 


LMS & LHS Returning students grades 7-12: 

Annual insurance must be paid on K12 Payment Center or in person by September 1, 2023 for the 23-24 school year. A new chromebook agreement form is not required if one has been completed in previous years.  TWO OPTIONS FOR INSURANCE:  Digital: Insurance Payment Instructions  Print:  Print Chromebook Insurance Form to send with payment to school.


New LMS & LHS students and all 6th graders-TWO OPTIONS- Print or Digital:

STEP 1:  Review and understand LAS Chromebook Handbook Polices. 

STEP 2:  Digital Option- Chromebook Agreement Acceptance Form OR Print Option- print pages 7-8 of LAS Chromebook Handbook Policies and complete.

STEP 3:  Pay for optional insurance if chosen (Check, Cash or K12Payment Center).  Can be paid by check (made out to Lowell Area Schools), cash or through External LinkK12 Payment CenterExternal Link Steps to pay insurance through K12PaymentCenter.

Digital Option is completed.

STEP 4:  Print Option-take printed and completed forms and check/cash to library to submit.



Please email External LinkChristine Beachler if you have any questions regarding chromebook or hotspot checkouts.  

Copyright Guidelines

The following guidelines are designed to help Lowell Area Schools' staff members, students and parents understand and abide by the rules of copyright protection.  The guidelines are based on the Copyright Law and subsequent guidelines, amendments and endorsements.

All materials used in Lowell Area Schools’ classrooms must be lawfully acquired.  No copies or reproductions are acceptable in any format.  This includes, but is not limited to:  all print materials, CDs, DVDs, digital files, and software.

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Any creative work is automatically protected by copyright law.  The copyright symbol does not need to be present for work to be protected.  Copyright protection last for the life of the creator plus 70 years.


The following guidelines pertain to copyrighted materials.  LAS staff are encouraged to create their own materials and utilize other resources from the Public Domain (materials that are free of copyright protection).

Print/Electronic Materials for classroom/instructional purposes:


  • one copy: chapter of book
  • one copy: article from magazine or newspaper
  • one copy: short story, short essay, short poem
  • one copy: chart, graph, diagram, picture or non-syndicated, non-copyrighted cartoon
  • links on websites to online resources
  • copies of reproducible works (online and print materials will generally show their policy for distributing)
  • copies of copyrighted works with written permission from the publisher

Not Allowed:

  • copying several chapters per book
  • copying several articles per magazine
  • copying consumables: workbooks, blackline masters, graphic organizers or any other copyrighted materials
  • copying print or online worksheets or tests
  • using graphics, questions, or any other intellectual property without permission in print or online (when any doubt, get permission from the author/publisher)
  • making any print copyrighted materials a permanent part of a school building (walls, ceiling tiles, etc.)

Multiple copies for classroom/instructional purposes:


  • complete poem less than 250 words (not more than 2 pages)
  • excerpt from long poem not to exceed 250 words
  • article, story, or essay less than 2,500 words
  • excerpt (from above) less than 1,000 words or 10% of total, whichever is less
  • one chart, graph, diagram, picture, or non-syndicated, non-copyrighted cartoon per book or periodical
  • works combining prose, poetry, etc., less than 10% of whole
  • IF:
    • copying is for one course only
    • insufficient time to request permission
    • one work from a single author
    • less than 3 authors from collective work
    • 9 or less instances of multiple copying per term
    • copying not used to create or replace anthologies
    • same copying not repeated next term
  • All multiple copying must be at the inspiration of the individual teacher and the decision to use the material so close to the date needed for instruction as to preclude securing copyright permission from the copyright holder

Not Allowed:

  • using/making multiple copies
  • creating "anthologies"
  • copying shall not be directed by higher authority
  • copying more than one or two excerpts from a single author during one class term
  • copying from workbooks, tests, or other consumables without written permission
  • copying a blackline master that does not specifically give permission to copy and redistribute
  • using tests, quizzes, questions, graphics, etc. from a print or online source without written permission
  • copying for professional development

Audiovisual/Electronic Materials for classroom/instructional purposes:


  • creating slides, 35mm negatives, or scanned copies from books, magazines, etc., as long as only one per source used
  • making one overhead transparency or scanned copy of one page of one workbook
  • converting a damaged filmstrip to a slide set, keeping same order minus damaged frames
  • enlarging a map with an opaque projector for tracing but not duplicating color scheme, symbols, etc.
  • copying non-dramatic literary, audiovisual works for use by blind or deaf individuals

Not Allowed:

  • copying audio tapes or video tapes for archival or backup purposes
  • reproducing musical works or converting from one form to another (cassette to CD)
  • copying any audiovisual work in its entirety (except off-air taping)
  • converting from one medium format to another (VHS to DVD...unless a DVD is not available for purchase, then a copy can be made)
  • recording the text of a book or textbook onto an audiocassette without permission from the book's publisher

Music for classroom/instructional purposes:


  • emergency copies for performance provided copies are later purchased
  • for study or teaching, single or multiple copies of excerpts
  • IF.....
    • excerpts do not constitute a performable unit such as a movement or aria
  • editing purchased copies for simplification
  • IF.....
    • character of work is not changed
    • lyrics are not changed
  • single copy of performances by students made for evaluation or rehearsal purposes
  • copy of recording for purposes of aural testing
  • portion of commercial music played as background in student media production
  • using royalty-free music
  • using "small portions" (usually under 30 seconds) of a song in a presentation

Not Allowed:

  • copying for performances
  • copying to create anthologies
  • copying to avoid purchasing
  • copying but excluding copyright notice
  • performing and playing a musical work without a license or paying royalty fees
  • using copyrighted background music for presentations or websites

Videos (Including Educational, Off-Air Recordings from school or home, and Commercial Videos) for classroom/instructional purposes:


  • IF…..
    • the use takes place in a classroom or similar place of instruction
    • the use must be part of the regular instructional process and not recreational
    • the use must be in the course of face-to-face teaching activities
    • the video must be lawfully made or acquired copy
    • OR IF a Public Performance License has been obtained

Not Allowed:

  • showing any video for entertainment, rewards, rainy days, filler, or non-instructional purposes
  • using Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime or any other personal subscriptions
  • making copies of obsolete/old videos if they can be purchased in a new format

Note:  Performance rights may be purchased--see Christine Beachler to purchase these licenses

Software for classroom/instructional purposes:


  • copying into RAM if copying is necessary to use the program
  • one copy for archival purposes
  • back up copies of hard drives as long as they are not used to run another drive
  • library lending of public domain software

Not Allowed:

  • circulation of archival copy
  • "networking" software without license or permission
  • loading a single copy of a software program onto several computers for simultaneous use
  • making copies of copyrighted software for student use

Musicals, Dramatic, and Non-Dramatic Performances for classroom/instructional purposes:


  • school chorus performance open to the public for evaluation or rehearsal use

Not Allowed:

  • school drama club performing copyrighted play broadcast over cable or Internet to classes
  • recording of choral or instrumental concerts and then giving or selling recording to parents

Multimedia for classroom/instructional purposes:


  • teacher or student-developed multimedia program of copyrighted programs for use in classroom only and must included a bibliography
  • Note:  Students may keep their work indefinitely; teachers may keep student work for only two years

Not Allowed:

  • teacher or student-developed multimedia program of copyrighted works for use in displays, websites, public performances, festivals, parent meetings or other public events

Print/Electronic Graphics for classroom/instructional purposes:


  • one graphic per book or periodical
  • multiple copies of a single graphic
  • if....
    • copying is at the instance/inspiration of  teacher copy is for only one course in the school
    • there are not more than nine occurrences of multiple copying  for that course and not more than one graphic is copied per book or periodical

Not Allowed:

  • adaptation of a popular cartoon character for the school mascot
  • copying an image from a coloring book for a worksheet
  • making stuffed animals of popular picture book character
  • scanning a cartoon into school newsletter or student handout
  • painting characters into murals on school walls
  • using characters or quotes on tshirts, bags or other imprintables

Library Obligations for all LAS school libraries and chromebook insurance can be paid through K12 Payment Center.  Please note that a convenience fee is applied to all payments.

To encourage parents to pay for chromebook insurance using K12PC, we are absorbing the $1.95 convenience fee into the cost of insurance. So, for example, if you are buying insurance for one student, the cost of that insurance is $25.  We have this pre-set in K12PC to charge you $23 and by the time the convenience fee is added, your total cost will be $24.95 making this almost the same as the cash or check cost of the same insurance plan.

How to Get Started Using K12 Payment Center:

If you have any difficulties setting up your account, please visit the Help/FAQ located at External LinkK12 Payment Center or call 1-800-541-8999.


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