Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction

Welcome to the Department of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction.

We are proud of our students' achievements, the instruction provided by our teachers, and the many educational programs offered to our students.  We believe that our exemplary educational system is a result of the collaborative efforts of parents, students, school, and community. Together we are improving learning for all.

The State of Michigan requires any student who has a language other than English listed on their Home Language Survey (from the enrollment packet) to be tested for English proficiency.  This is done through the WIDA Access Placement Test (W-APT).  The W-APT measure proficiency in the four domains of language - speaking, listening, reading and writing.  If a student scores below a 5.0 in any of the four domains and/or they are below grade level in reading, they qualify for the English Learner (EL) program.  If you have questions about this program contact Erin Meendering using the contact box to the right.