Family Links/PTO - Murray Lake Elementary

Murray Lake Family Resource Center

Where families can find support and opportunities that help their children succeed.

  • Resources: Books, Audio, Video, games, flyers
  • Topics include: Academics, Parenting, Discipline, Special Needs, Non-traditional Families, Love & Logic
  • Volunteers: The FRC provides an area for parents to work on projects for teachers or staff. A play area is available for smaller children.
  • Information: A bulletin board is available for families to post information to others.  Parent Chats are held monthly for anyone to attend and "network" with other parents.
  • Monthly themes: These focus on current issues, with practical ideas for families to use at home.

Please stop by the resource center to pick up information, flyers and brochures. Check us out! We are located in the main hallway across from the office.

Contact Family Links via email or by calling (616) 987-2783.

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Council Members

Courtney Serne and Kati Doyle

Lindsay Kepley and Ashley Antonides

Student Activities
Sarah Simon and Laura Weston

Communication Coordinators
Jen Forney and Jody Yaw

Student Events
Deb Cross and Cindy Flynn

School Store/Mustang Market
Deb Cross, Ivana Vidinlic, Laura Weston and Karis VanderLaan

Family Resource Center
Family Resource Center is sponsored by Murray Lake Elementary Family Links.