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In our growing community and surrounding rural areas, Lowell Area Schools (LAS), located 18 miles east of Grand Rapids, offers educational opportunities where every student is guided and encouraged to reach his or her full potential.  Learn more about Our District

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Current Parents

Our school family wants your child to be happy and successful at Lowell Area Schools.  Of course, parents play a key role in influencing their child's school experience by continually showing interest in and support for their child's learning at home.  We believe that a strong home/school relationship is essential.  A child who knows that his or her parents are interested in and supports the school programs will experience fewer problems in school and will enjoy greater success.  A parent who is willing to ensure that their student finds school to be an enriching experience will not only assure success for their student, but it will also help the Lowell Area Schools to better serve your family.   ~Greg Pratt, Superintendent

Prospective Parents

We are pleased and honored that parents consider Lowell Area Schools as an educational option for their students.  We are proud of our entire school community and the high quality services, staff, and educational experience that we provide.  Not only are our facilities, programs, and staff top notch, but the Lowell community is an incredible place to work, live and raise a family. 

Please take a moment to discover first hand, all of the reasons why you and your family would enjoy living in Lowell.  For your convenience, we have provided information about all of the local attractions, municipalities and services available.  Learn about us, and consider joining our family.

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