Murray Lake Elementary

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 3275 Alden Nash NE  
Lowell, MI  49331
Fax: 616.987.2761


Full Day:
 8:40am - 3:33pm

Half Day:
 8:40am - 11:50am 





Our office will be open again August 7, 2017. Our "Meet Your Teacher" Open House is August 21, 2017, 5-6:30 pm.


Molly Burnett
Julie Simmons
Alice Bush
Office Assisant
Cathy Noffke
Office Assistant

Murray Lake Elementary is a school where a high level of student achievement and quality student character are a focus each day.  Although test scores will validate high achievement at Murray Lake, it is the day-to-day emphasis of best practice in the classroom and quality character development that ensures that each child reaches their highest potential. 

At Murray Lake each child is expected to reach his or her highest learning potential.  Teachers are constantly improving their lessons to ensure that all children in their class achieve.  Differentiated instruction is a focus at Murray Lake, which allows teachers to meet the needs of all learners.  Murray Lake students typically score in the top 5% on Michigan's MEAP test.  They also score significantly above average on the Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP), and grow at a greater rate than the average growth of students across the country.  Students are asked to set goals for themselves and work toward the achievement of these goals. 

The staff at Murray Lake believes that a student/teacher/parent relationship is an essential piece in student achievement.  There is a strong Family Links parent group who are involved daily at the school.  Volunteers can be seen throughout the building on a daily basis.  Communication between school and home is not taken lightly.  Weekly newsletters from the school and many classrooms, online classroom websites, online parent mailings, and frequent progress reports are some of the ways that this communication piece is put into action.  Over 98% of parents attend conferences.  A true family atmosphere can be felt when you are at Murray Lake.

Although academic achievement is held in high regard at Murray Lake, student character does not take a back seat.  Modeling and exhibiting good character is equally valued at Murray Lake.  Each month Murray Lake focuses on one of the district's six character traits (respect, responsibility, caring, trustworthiness, fairness, and citizenship).  The focus on each trait is woven into the core academic areas.  At the end of each month, staff members nominate students who have modeled that month's particular trait on a daily basis.  When walking through the halls at Murray Lake it will quickly become evident that being a good citizen is truly emphasized. 

As you can see, Murray Lake is a GREAT place to be.  A quality learning environment is evident on a daily basis.  Please contact Murray Lake's principal if you have questions about the school.