School Closing 
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SchoolCenter PictureThe Board of Education, being deeply concerned for the safety of our students, realizes the importance of pre-planning to ensure the protection of students and staff when the potential for violent weather exists.  Therefore, the following procedures are in effect:   
  • If students are in school when a tornado watch is issued, they will remain in school until the regular dismissal time.
  • If students are in school when a tornado WARNING is issued for our vicinity, they will be escorted to pre-defined areas of safety within each building and remain there until the warning is lifted.
  • It is the policy of Lowell Area Schools to not dismiss students to parents during a tornado WARNING, even if it means holding students beyond the normal dismissal time.  If students are held 30 minutes or longer beyond their normal dismissal time due to a tornado WARNING, elementary students will be bussed home after the warning is lifted and secondary students will need to be picked up by parents or guardians. 
  • In the event of early morning tornado watches or WARNINGS, school may be delayed.  Check the radio or television for information.
  • After-school activities underway when a WARNING is issued will cease and participants and spectators will be instructed to take cover.
  • Parents must assume responsibility for making certain their children understand where they are to go in the event school is canceled for any emergency.
  • Any provision of the above policy may be waived, if in the opinion of the Superintendent of Schools or designee, special measures are necessary to ensure the safety of students.

When the weather is bad on any school day, a postponement or closing will be broadcast over the radio stations listed below.  Every effort will be made to have the notice of a school postponement or closing on the air by 6:00 a.m.

Check the following Television Station Links for School Closings: